Commune 246: An Outdoor Food Court

At the beginning of the summer my family and I took a trip to Aoyama. Aoyama is an upscale shopping and entertainment district not too far from Harajuku and Shibuya. While exploring, we found a small narrow alley that expanded into a larger sized space called Commune 246.

Commune 246 is host to about 11 food stands, each having their own special style. I was so amazed by the area. it was stylish, cool, and hip. There were different varieties of stands ranging from: vegan, organic Hawaiian food, Indian, and Thai.


11171743_10204282056233780_1303397765_o 11136611_10204282056833795_1475169025_o

With so many places to choose from it was hard to pick just one place to try, but we agreed to try Brooklyn Ribbon Fries. The ribbons fries came in two different sizes: small and large. There were 4 signature flavors: Sea Salt & Black Pepper, All Spice, Cinnamon Sugar, and Onion Gratin Soup. My husband and I both tried a large Sea Salt & Black Pepper, which cost about ¥550 each. The ribbon fries were delicious and fun to eat! If you decide to check out Brooklyn Ribbon Fries, I would recommend making it the first place on your list while in Aoyama; they run out of potatoes pretty fast. I cannot wait until we head back to try the other stands. I had my eyes on the organic Hawaiian food truck =)tumblr_inline_nnrmxeh0g51seyr40_54011183052_10204282056993799_2145895659_o

 More of Commune 246:

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11182857_10204282056793794_1866708480_o 11159343_10204282056393784_1862460532_o


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