My Favorite Halloween Treats


Halloween is such a magical day. Witches, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves out roaming the streets in search of something devilish to eat. I love everything about Halloween and who doesn’t? The scary movies, the costumes, the parties, and my favorite: THE TREATS! So with Halloween being a few days away, I decided to make a list of a few of my favorite Halloween treats in Japan! I hope you enjoy this list just as much as I enjoyed making it!

1. Pumpkin Kit Kat
I love collecting all the different Kit Kat bars, so I was excited when I found these. They taste just like a pumpkin spice latte and since I’m trying to stay away from coffee, this was  a treat! You can even put them in the oven to roast! These were so much fun.  (P.S. you should check out my Kit Kat Review!)

2. Mystery Pepsi
These Mystery Pepsi bottles are so cool and I wanted to share! There are 5 bottles, but I was only able to get my hands on 4. My husband and I tried 2 and both were Cherry!  I would be lying if I said we weren’t a little disappointed in the “mystery”, but we thought about it, and realized that we haven’t seen any cherry cola around here. So, they get a pass!

3. Krispy Kream Halloween Donuts
Out of the 3 things on the list, these donuts were my absolute favorite! They were cute and Delicious. There were 4 to choose: Spider Chocolate Custard, Caramel Halloween Jack, Maple Milk Franken, and Purple Potato Monster. So, in true foodie fashion, I HAD to get them all! We had a ball trying every last one of them, and surprisingly no one got sick.


So Tell Me…

Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween with family and friends?
What do you think about these treats on the list?
What’s your favorite Halloween treats?

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Kawasaki Halloween Parade

This past weekend my family and I visited Kawasaki, japan for their annual Halloween Parade and it was awesome! All month-long, Kawasaki City  hosted many fun activities for Halloween. There was a Kids’ Halloween Parade, Kids’ Halloween Park, Halloween Awards, and so much more! I wish we could have done it ALL.

I’ve always watched parades on TV, and was so excited to go to one. People from Kawasaki and surrounding areas came dressed in their best costumes to participate in the parade. We saw Daft Punk, a lot of Minions, a few Waldos, and some Star Wars characters.

The best part of the parade was the STAR WARS opening. It was GREAT! There were floats and a marching band with majorettes waving Star Wars flags. It was so crowded and hard to see,  but I managed to get a few cool shots of people in their costumes walking around. I cannot wait to go again next year and I will make sure to get there early enough to get a good spot to see!

Here are a few Pictures:

Here’s a video link to some of the parade! 











The Best Fried Rice In Town


Kagetsu  is the best place to go if you’re looking to get some good fried rice while in Japan! … And I will argue you down if you say different, lol. My family goes to Kagetsu at least once a week! It’s so cheap; an order of fried rice (which comes with onion soup) and gyoza cost about ¥860! I think that’s an awesome deal!  Even though, fried rice is all I order when we go, there are other things to choose from, like: ramen.

One of the things I find cool about Kagetsu is the ticket vending machine! It’s fast and simple. Place your money into the machine, choose what you want, then a little ticket with your ordered on it pops out from the bottom. You can sit wherever there is space and a waitress will come bring you water and collect your tickets.

12171241_10205335393366550_416719752_o (1)

The rice comes on a hot plate with eggs on the bottom, green onions, and butter on top. Once you get your food, you have to mix it using two giant ( okay, not giant but big) spoons. You want to mix your food while the plate is sizzling hot, so it will cook properly. The process is so fast, that I never have enough time to snap a picture of mixing it.. Maybe I’ll try next week! (You know, since I go so much, lol.)

Kagetsu is fast, cheap, and just plain ol’ good! With so many Kagetsu restaurants around, I’m quite sure you will be able to find one without any troubles! 



So Tell Me…

Do you like fried rice? Or Gyoza and Ramen?
Do you have a favorite place to get good food at a reasonable price?

Mickey D’s, Please!

Before arriving to Japan, one of the place my husband and I were most excited to try was McDonald’s. Yes I know, out of all the cool, and unique restaurants to try we were excited about McDonald’s. So, when we got off that 10+ hour flight, that was the first thing we ate! Don’t judge, lol.


Like many of the restaurants here in Japan, there are strange items on the menu. One burger had shrimp on it and another one had avocado, which probably isn’t bad, but the shrimp burger didn’t sound too good and I love to try new and strange things. One thing that I notice was the meal sizes. A large size meal is actually a medium size compared to The State and a small is a kids size. It’s very tiny.


 I tried a Chicken Filet-o and it was tasty, but my favorite part of the meal was the drink. I ordered a cherry blossom flavored drink and my husband got a pineapple one. The drinks were made with cherry blossom and pineapple flavor syrup mixed with Sprite. I did not like the cherry blossom drink. It tasted like the flavored cough medicine your parents would try to get you to take as a kid. Yeah, that bad. The pineapple was great! It tasted exactly like pineapples and none of the cough medicine taste. There were other flavors but when we came back to try them, they were gone. Hopefully they will make a return, so I can share them with you!



So Tell Me…

Would you be interested in trying any of the drinks?
What’s new at McDonald’s in America?
Am I missing out on anything cool?